Land Registration Process

Document Assessment

Provide all appropriate documents to the OARG for assessment.

Bank Payment

Insurance of payment slips and payments should be made at the SLCB in the following Account Number 000801272141 SLCB

NRA Payment Validation

Go to the NRA office at OARG for validation of payment from SLCB and issuing of NRA payment slips

OARG Account Unit Validation

Submit all payment documents and receipts for it to be stamped at the accounting unit.

Final Submition of Document

Finally, submit all documents at the Land Registration unit for processing bearing signature and seal of the Registrar General.

Services Offer

Procedure Time Charges
The purchaser conducts a tittle search at the Registry 1 Day Le 20,000
The seller and the purchaser enter into a purchase agreement written or oral. 1-2 Days
A License surveyor visits the site and prepared a site Plan. 5 Days
The Director of Surveys Countersign the site Plan 7 Days No Charges
Loggement of, or delivery of deed of conveyance at the land reg and acknowledgement 1 Day No Charges
Assesment and Payment of Stamp duty and registration fee 1 Day(Simultaneously with 5 above) 1% of the value of the property
Search Fee 5 Days Le 50,000
Fast Track Registration Within 7 days of ledgement Le 50,000