Intellectual Property Registration Process

  1. Search conducted for prior trademark
  2. Application class, goods/services, proprietors details, reproduction of marks, accompanied by fees.
  3. Processed accord filling date and file number.
  4. First publication for opposition within 3 months or possible extension
  5. Second publication accepted for registration.
  6. Certificate issued
  7. Protected for 10 years
  8. Renewed every 10 years to subsist perpetually.

Services Offer

Interlectual Property Registration fee Charges
Registration of Trademarks
Le 300,000
Renewal of Trademarks
Le 300,000
Assignment of Trademarks
Le 150,000
Merger of Trademarks
Le 150,000
Change of Name
Le 100,000
Change of Address
Le 100,000
Search Fee
Le 10,000
Withdrawal of Trademarks
Le 100,000
Concellation of Trademarks
Le 100,000
Amendment of Trademarks
Le 100,000
Trademarks certified True Copy
Le 25,000
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