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The Registration of Instrument Fees


The Registration of Instrument Fees

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Office of the Administrator and Registrar General
Statutory Fees for Registration of Deeds
Official Service Charter for the Registration of Deeds and Miscelleonous Documents

# Property Land Tax Per Acre Leones
1 The Central Ward of Freetown Le100,000.00
2 The Eastern and Western Ward of Freetown Le40,000.00
3 The First, Second and Third Urban Area of Freetown per acre Le20,000.00
4 The First, Second and Third Urban Area of Freetown per acre The Areas within the jurisdiction of any Town Council in the Provinces Le20,000.00
5 All other areas in Sierra Leone including farm lands Le20,000.00
Agreements, Conveyances, Mortgages, Domiciliation, Debentures, and other Commercial Agreements wherein moveable and immoveable assets are used as collaterals, excepting Leases, Powers of Attorney, and Deed of Gift
Deed of Gift
0.1% of the consideration

0.1% of the first year’s rent

Registration Procedure and Cost
For every search in any distinct set of books or memorials Le20,000.00
For lodgement, acknowledgment, and delivery of legal instruments No Charge
For registration and recording of every instruments, other than memorial or grant executed or acknowledged and for the registration of miscellaneous documents Le100,000.00
For deposing every Instrument Le50,000.00
For verifying every memorial and recording the same Le50,000.00
For registering a Memorial judgment Le100,000.00
For the registration of State Land Grant:
Residential freehold
Commercial leases

For an attested copy of or extract from any recorded instrument or memorial Le50,000.00
Fast Track Registration Service (7 days) in addition to existing fees. Le50,000.00

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