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Registering as a Sole Proprietor or Partnership


Registering as a Sole Proprietor or Partnership

Business Registry - For telephone enquiry call 025 332396 or E-mail:info_busreg@oarg.gov.sl


Every business must be registered with the office of the Administrator & Registrar general (OARG) at Roxy Building, Walpole Street, Freetown.

A business owned by a single person must be registered as a sole proprietorship, while that owned by more than one person, must registered as a partnership.

It takes 1 day to register a business as a sole proprietor or partnership.

# Business Registration fees: Last
1 Sole Proprietorship Le 220,000.00
2 Partnership Le 300,000.00
3 Change of Name Le 60,000
4 Certified Copy Le 60,000
5 Change of Address Le 60,000