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The workings of the Office of the Administrator and Registrar General will be greatly enhanced by using computers to store records and retrieve documents, for word processing , speeding up the process of registration of document by reducing the time and cost, searches, and retrieval of other information, it will decrease the cost and space required for the storage of records, facilitate the monitoring and analysis of land market and business indicators, and provide  inbuilt mechanisms for quality control.

There is an ongoing project with VT Print Services, a Consultancy being funded under the Justice Sector Development Program of which the first phase of delivering the software and installing the data bank has been completed. The Consultants have been waiting for months to get a commitment from this office that we will provide the personnel and logistics for the inputting of all the data as soon as the software is installed, and training completed. No provision was made in the budget allocation to cover this item which makes the office financially constrained at this time to fulfill its commitment coupled with the major structural defect of the building we are presently occupying, which renders the building unfit for the installation of the software during the rains.





To improve services, attract more local and international investment,  generate more revenue for the government, in the drive towards sustainable investment.


Automation of documents, to reduce registration time and simplify operational procedure;

Revise outdated laws;

Decentralise registration of businesses and land documents;

Publicity of the Office’s activities to bring in the informal business sector;

Establish time frames for the processes of various documents;

Training, re-assess staff competencies and profile departmental staffing;

Restructuring of the office space;

Availability of manpower and logistics for the smooth running of the office.